PharmSupport Mission Statement

Help When You Need It.

Our Mission:

PharmSupport’s mission is to inspire hope for people who need safe and effective new treatments, by supporting the research and development of new medicines that allow patients to achieve better health, happiness, and quality of life.

How Our Mission Drives Our Work:

What an incredible privilege it is to collaborate with innovative companies to help bring valuable medicines and technologies to market!  The improvements in medicine over the recent decades are truly magical.  Diseases that would have killed or crippled a person are now preventable or treatable.  We’ve all been touched by medical advancements that have saved people’s lives, improved the quality of their lives, or prevented or mitigated significant short-term or long-term disability.

We thank our clients for these incredible advancements.  Each of our clients is truly making a difference.  We laud our clients for their commitment to conduct research and development, improving our lives one invention at a time.

Imagine how honored we feel when one of our clients calls on us to help.

When a potential client contacts us, we have an initial conversation to ascertain the match between the client’s needs and our abilities and talents.  We also review our expectations of each other, and we discuss each of our personalities and work styles.  If we come to agreement, we make a commitment to work together, and we make a “Pledge of Partnership” that articulates how PharmSupport promises to act during our collaboration.  We ask that our clients make that same pledge to us in return.

We love to hear from innovative companies with potential new medical advances, who are committed to improving patients’ health and who are excited about the future.  To talk confidentially, we can sign our confidentiality agreement and send it over to you for your countersignature, or if you prefer, we can sign your standard confidentiality agreement, assuming it is acceptable to us.

Let’s work together to advance the fields of health and medicine and improve the lives of patients.